Should you take on all of that debt?

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Everyone wants your attention

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of working for yourself vs working for a paycheck. Money, lifestyle, freedom.

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Working in the office for a while could get you that ultimate freedom you’re after faster

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The 2020 go remote lifestyle looks like it might last for a while

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A concrete law we can pass to stop this from ever happening again

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What we learned from the stimulus

And for some reason my career took off

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  • One, I got good at my job. I had been doing it over a decade and became comfortable that any and everything thrown my way I could take care of.
  • Two, I started becoming fed up with office politics, red tape, bureaucracy, the constantly evolving regulations of my profession, and the constant need to focus on the unimportant.
  • Three, I started acting like someone you might expect to act based on points one and two.

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Should you just buy “no label” and save some money?

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David Merrill

Finance professional with a passion for reading, writing, history, economics and the world.

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