It's easy to fight for freedom of speech you like. Much harder to fight for freedom of speech you don't like.

So, sounds like you are cool with free speech being shut down without thought to future ramifications. By this principle sounds like you would be in favor of the shutting down of free speech, like say shutting down all of Twitter and Facebook by a country. Like what Uganda is doing right now by banning Twitter and Facebook right before their election. After all if Jack can do it than why should Ugandans let an American influence their elections. Great excuse for their dictator to shut down freedom of speech ahead of the Ugandan election.

Me. I think I'm siding with the leaders of Germany, Mexico, England as well as the opposition leaders to Putin in Russia on this. This is an extremely troubling move.

I didn't vote for Trump but I am going to choose principles over partisanship on this issue.

Finance professional with a passion for reading, writing, history, economics and the world.

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